Information on Entering the Nursery

Requirements for entering the Nursery

We accept children from the end of their mothers’ maternity leave (from the month after the 57days after their birth) to preschool-age children, who cannot receive nursery care at home due to various reasons, such as lack of guardians, working parents, or illness.

Application period and capacity

(Entrance in April)
Our capacity is 15 or less for infants and a few children of each age group
(Entrance in the middle of the year)
We accept children as far as there are vacancies
*In both cases, capacity varies from year to year, so please refer to the City Hall for updated

Nursery care time

The Nursery is opened between 07:00 and 20:00. We conduct individual interviews to determine how long a child needs nursery care within the time frame of the operation depending on the child’s circumstances of under which he/she lacks nursery care.


Fees for nursery care are determined by the City Hall in a way that matches the circumstances in each individual family.
Fees are calculated on monthly basis on the grounds that the child is enrolled on the first day of the month.
Each City Hall distributes payment slips, so fees are paid directly to the City of the area where families reside.

Admission procedures

  1. Application procedures
    (For Tachikawa City residents)
    Fill all necessary items in the designated application form then submit it in the Culture and Child Nursery Care Department of Tachikawa City Hall with all required documents attached.
    (For other areas residents)
    Please, follow the procedures determined by the respective City Halls.
  2. Acceptance
    After a City Hall examining the circumstances of under which the child lacks nursery care, the child is accepted to the Nursery. Notification for acceptance is sent by mail at the end of March by the City Hall (at the end of the month in the case that application is sent in the middle of the year).
  3. Admission interview
    Following the decision of the City, we contact the family and conduct an interview based on the information obtained through our application form. If the medical check-up, conducted by our temporary medical doctor, and the interview show that the child will not be able to adapt to group nursery care, he/she is officially admitted in the Nursery.