Child Rearing Support Circle Nonna no Ouchi (Nonna’s Home)

Hello, everybody, and welcome to Nonna’s home.

Nonna is an Italian word, which means “Granny.”
Feel free to come here as you would go to visit your Granny.
In Nonna’s home you’ll always find something to eat, if you are hungry, and a place to lie down and rest, if you are tired. There are many toys and picture books, so, children and parents, come and play together. We hope you will make many new friends here.

The Role of Nonna’s Home

Housewives rearing children work very hard to be supportive wives, loving mothers, and frugal housekeepers all in the same time, and save no efforts in order to create a bright and happy family environment.

However, as their husbands are busy working, mothers spend most of their days alone with their children.

From to time, the otherwise lovable children do not do what their mothers tell them to do.

In such moments, the mothers feel as if all their efforts are futile.

The tendency toward core families and the declining birthrate have left mothers with no one to go to for an advice, with fewer opportunities to communicate with parents of children of the same age, and with no one to chat with.

The numerous problems that are likely to be perceived as only complaints of mothers who can spend all their time for rearing their children is coming to be considered as an important social issue.

The role of Nonna’s home is to share the loneliness and anxiety of mothers, who ask themselves “Why only me?” and “What should I do?” and, through providing a place and environment where mothers can seek consultations and advice, and where parents’ reassurance contributes to children’s happiness.

Schedule of Annual Events

Daily procedures

 10:00 Reception Let’s play at Aozora Square
All sing, play, and make things together; the theme plan is gradually implemented; after the farewell greeting children are free to go home

622① Opening ceremony・Greetings from the Organizer・Self-introduction
76② Let’s play at Aozora Square
13③ Let’s play at Aozora Square How to spend your summer vacation
8~ Summer vacation ~
91④ Let’s play at Aozora Square Memories of Summer Vacation
7⑤ Let’s play at Aozora Square Childcare Classes「Play」
14⑥ Let’s play at Aozora Square Childcare Classes「Rhythm」
105⑦ Let’s play at Aozora Square Participant Planning
19⑧ Let’s play at Aozora Square Childcare Classes「Picture book」
119⑨ Let’s play at Nonna’s Home Childcare Classes「Dietary education」
16⑩ Let’s play at Nonna’s Home Childcare Classes「health」
127⑪ Making Christmas decorations・Childcare Classes「children’s (folk) song」
14⑫ Closing ceremony・Christmas bring-your-own party
118Open house:making “miso”

*Dates and contents are examples.

How Can We Participate?

Every year we publish information about the day nursery events in the Tachikawa Newsletter.
Refer to it and apply for participation.

*The number of applicants and days of the week vary slightly from year to year.

Application procedures

Write letter with your address, telephone number, and names (child and mother), date of birth and sex of the child, and the reason for application and date of the events you want to apply for (please note that in some cases your wish cannot be gratified), enclose a return-letter envelope with 80-yen stamp on it (write your address and name on the enclosed envelope), and send the letter to the Nursery not later than the second Friday of May.

Nonna no ouchi Shisei Hoikuen
6-26-13, Nishikicho, Tachikawa City 190-0022


From the 1st week of June to the December, Total number of events – 12


10:00 – around 12:00


Wednesday:1-3 years old


15 groups

*In case of a large number, a lottery will be held.。

Annual fee

2,000 yen

*Example for FY2022

We are having an open house!

Please invite your friends and join us.